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A Highland Estate

Our estate must be the perfect place to build a distillery. To the east, the powerful influence of sea and salt. To the west, our farm with its fields of nurtured crops. All with a backdrop of the Angus hills that slowly filter pure water into our underground lagoon.

Arbikie Highland Estate is a family-owned working farm perched on the east coast of Angus. Here, the crop is king. We painstakingly plant, sow, tend and harvest the fields and farms that make up Arbikie. We are craftsmen of the soil.

This is an estate profoundly shaped by its environment: the red sandstone-tinted soil, the powerful sea and the turbulent weather give Arbike a character found nowhere else. And here, situated where land meets sea, sits our distillery – created from an ancient barn, this place has all the ingredients required to produce spirits of the highest quality.

As with all farming families, we brothers (John, Iain and David) grew up working around the farm, and It is this hands-on experience that gave us a deep understanding and respect of the land.

Despite pursuing careers away from farming, we have always stayed attached to the family lands, and now with the opening of the Arbikie Highland Estate distillery, we have returned to build this exciting new venture.

Our family has been farming at Arbikie for four generations. From father to son, we have gained an intuitive understanding of the land, sowing and harvesting the crops that now create Arbikie’s spirits.

The Stirling family has been farming since 1660, initially on the west coast. Our lands passed through seven generations until great uncle Bill moved to farm at Arbikie on the east coast of Angus in the 1920’s. He then passed it to our grandfather, John Stirling who expanded the acreage before passing the lands over to Alec Stirling.