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A traditional ethos

This centuries-old method of making spirits is increasingly rare as big companies produce spirits as a global commodity. It is this traditional ethos we have returned to.

The Arbikie Highland Estate distillery is a genuinely single-site operation – the ingredients for all our spirits are planted, sown, grown and harvested within an arms-length of our distillery.
The mountain-filtered water is taken from our underground lagoon.

Records show distilling on this site dating back to 1794 – it is the farm-to-bottle culture used by these ancient distillers that inspired our distilling ethos.

Premium spirits can only come from the highest quality ingredients, and being independent and family-owned we are in the enviable position of being able to oversee standards every single step of the way.

Drawing from decades of farming experience, we grow the barley for our single malt whisky (cask sales only for now), and the three varieties of potato that combine to create the exceptional smoothness and creaminess of our vodka and our gin.

We are the first single-estate distillery to distil all our spirits in the same copper pot stills with the vodka and gin spirit continuing their journey to our 40 plate distillation column. This distillation process means all our spirits reflect the traditional Scotch whisky method.

Each spirit is distilled differently – our vodka is triple distilled, our whisky will be twice distilled. We also bottle, label and seal our spirits on the estate.

The distilling team is led by our Master Distiller, Kirsty Black. Together with the Stirling brothers she ensures that the history, tradition and provenance of Scottish distilling is built into the DNA of every spirit we produce.

The Arbikie Highland Estate has always been farmed with absolute respect for the land.

The addition of a distillery has not changed our commitment to minimising any environmental impact. Growing our own ingredients ensures there are negligible food miles, and the primary waste product from distilling is recycled wherever possible as feed for cattle.