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Arbikie Ally’s Christmas Cocktails at Home

December is here and that means it’s the official countdown until Christmas Day. Amongst all the busy fun you have planned over the festive period, Arbikie thought we could help you out on the drinks front. Hosting parties for family and friends plays a big part in the festive period and having simple yet tasty drinks to serve makes hosting way more enjoyable! Here we have 4 simple recipes, all the equipment you’ll need and our very own UK Ambassador Ally taking you through each yummy cocktail!

So, starting with equipment! Everything below is exactly what you need to make almost any cocktail, and not to worry if you don’t have everything as it’s all super easy to get your hands on.

Equipment List:
– Strainer
– Shaker
– Bar spoon
– Measure/ Jigger
– Fruit knife
– Zester/ Peeler
– Chopping board
– Ice
– Glasses

Now that you have all your equipment sorted, let’s move onto the fun bit… making the cocktails!


The Angus Breakfast

First up is Arbikie’s famous Angus Breakfast using Kirsty’s gin. It’s one of the simplest cocktails out there, with only three ingredients!


– 40 ml’s Kirsty’s
– 20ml lemon juice
– Large teaspoon of marmalade (or fruit jam)

The Angus Breakfast cocktail can also be made using a fruit jam- such as strawberry jam- this will make it that little bit sweeter. When serving The Angus Breakfast remember to strain the cocktail into a glass (just like Ally is doing above).

It’s in the name, but this cocktail is recommended to be served at breakfast or brunch… start Christmas morning off right with some delicious pastries, morning rolls and of course The Angus Breakfast.


Arbikie Stole Christmas

This second cocktail uses our Strawberry Vodka shaken with balsamic, lime and mint making it a very fresh cocktail. It’s the perfect mix of Christmas coloured ingredients, red and greeeeen (*says in Martha May’s voice from the Grinch*). Topping this delicious concoction off with ginger beer adds a little spice, which is just perfect for the festive season!


– 35ml Strawberry Vodka
– 1/2 shot lime
– Tsp balsamic vinegar
– 8 mint leaves
– 1/2 shot simple syrup
– Top with Ginger Beer
– Garnish with mint

Recommended to be served at the start of a festive party, not only is this cocktail delicious but the mix of flavours will undoubtably cause a buzz- the great start, to a great night!


The Angus Bramble 

A bramble is usually made using dry gin, however The Angus Bramble is made with Arbikie’s Tattie Bogle vodka- our very first unique product made from creamy potatoes. The Angus Bramble is the perfect mix of citrus, sweet and savoury. This delicious cocktail is best served dirty, meaning once you have shaken it just throw it into the glass!


– 50ml Tattie Bogle
– 4 blackberries
– Tsp balsamic vinegar
– 20ml lime
– 1/2 shot simple syrup
– Half strand of rosemary

Recommended to be served with your Christmas dinner as the mix of sweet, savoury and citrus will add even more flavour to the delicious food you will be enjoying throughout the festive period!


The Cran-AK-an

To all of you who love the fact Arbikie is a true Scottish distillery, you’re going to love this last one, using AK’s gin. The Cran-AK-an cocktail is a great drink to start the night off, named  after the famous Scottish Cranachan dessert. Not only does this simple cocktail make a delicious replica of the dessert but it’s also topped with some amazing Rapscallion_ Cranachan soda… yum!

If you are feeling adventurous try adding some raspberries into your AK’s gin and let them infuse for a day before serving.

– 50ml AK’s
– 20ml honey water
– 1cm slice root ginger, grated
– Topped with Cranachan soda


So there is your four delicious Arbikie Christmas cocktails that can be easily made at home! Hopefully these cocktails will help some of you out over the festive period, whether you are hosting or attending parties with family and friends. From all of us at Arbikie we hope you have a wonderful time over the festive period and a lovely Christmas!


Please share any Arbikie Christmas cocktails you decide to make at home with us on our social media, the team would love to hear from you!

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