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Arbikie launches its ‘Highland Rye’

We are delighted to announce that we have bottled batch one of this experimental pot distilled Scottish Rye spirit. The farm team have been growing a variety of different ryes on the farm since 2014, whilst our Distillers have been researching and developing rye spirits by experimenting with various varieties and production techniques.

We have produced two versions of ‘Rye Whisky’. The first, a ‘Scottish Rye Whisky’ in line with The Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009, consisting of over 51% Rye, Odyssey Malted Barley, both grown on the farm, and using Arbikie Estate water straight from our private lagoon. The second, an American version in line with techniques typically used in North America.

Our approach to Rye is no different from our gin and vodka following our unique ‘field-to-bottle’ process meaning we can trace every ingredient used in our spirits back to the very field it came from.

“As both Farmers and Distillers, Arbikie is in an almost unique position to be able to distil its family of spirits using the crops grown in the fields around our distillery. Producing our own whisky with full provenance and traceability has been a dream for us that we are now fulfilling. This is a key day in Arbikie Distillery’s history”.

All proceeds from the initial release are going to the Euan Macdonald Foundation for Motor Neurone Disease.