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Arbikie launches Limited ‘Taste of Summer’ Fresh Strawberry Vodka

Arbikie’s 2017 Vintage Fresh Strawberry Vodka packs a punch at 50% ABV and is set to sell out following the success of their 2016 Vintage. It adds another ‘seasonal’ release that focuses on the ‘terroir’ of the distillery and the crops grown on its 2000-acre farm. Arbikie’s terroir vodka range now includes their award-winning potato vodka, ‘Tattie Bogle’, ‘Haar’, their recently released wheat vodka and their seasonal fresh-Chilli vodka.

Each release has its own unique vintage, as no two crops of strawberries are the same. The fresh strawberries change subtly in flavour each year depending on the season’s mix of soft Scottish summer sun and variable east coast weather. Each year’s seasonal vintage will have delicate differences making it a truly unique addition to the vodka category and building on a growing demand in the market for terroir-led spirits.

At Arbikie we operate a true field-to-bottle operation as we grow the ingredients on our farm to ensure full traceability of ingredients back to the exact field they were grown in.

Arbikie’s Distiller Christian Perez-Solar commented:

“We were keen to create a unique a vodka using fresh strawberries and wheat grown on the farms to make the vodka that provides distinctive notes of butterscotch and biscuit characteristics. At 50% ABV not only do you get a great base spirit for cocktails but an incredibly smooth and fresh tasting vodka.”

After the success of last year’s release Arbikie will only be producing a limited edition of 2,500 bottles. Marian Beke, owner of the prestigious London cocktail bar, ‘The Gibson’ commented:

“Arbikie Strawberry Vodka is a beautiful product, a surprise in a bottle. The quality of Arbikie products is exceptional”.



Arbikie Vodka


Arbikie Vodka