Home grown on Arbikie Farm
Fresh, crisp and floral
Kirsty's Gin

Kirsty’s Gin is named after our Master Distiller at Arbikie- Kirsty Black, who carefully chose local botanicals to represent Arbikie’s distinct landscape and surroundings. The kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries embody the elements of ocean, rock and land that surround our Scottish east coast farmlands.

Earthy, spicy and smooth
AK's Gin

AK’s Gin is distilled using wheat farmed on the Arbikie Estate. It is then flavoured with unique botanicals including fresh honey, black pepper and smoked cardamom. The botanicals grow in fields just a stones-throw away from our distillery and the honey originates from nearby bees that forage the local area.  AK’s Gin is a wonderful tribute to the Arbikie Distillery owner’s father, Mr. Alexander Kirkwood Stirling.

Smooth, silky and refreshing
Nàdar Gin

Our revolutionary climate positive gin is called Nàdar - Gaelic for ’Nature’. Nàdar Gin harnesses the power of nature and science to create this world first spirit. With a carbon footprint of -1.54 kg CO2e per 700ml bottle, Nàdar Gin is at the forefront of fighting climate change and biodiversity loss, the biggest challenges humankind has ever faced.

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