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Iain Stirling Talks Vodka

Iain Stirling on his first taste of Arbikie Vodka

The first taste of our vodka was quite a milestone. It was also approached with a fair bit of trepidation.

I am ordinarily a Scotch whisky drinker. I like the deep sensory effect of a Scotch. Vodka had not been something I drank, knowing only the ubiquitous grain vodkas which need a mixer to give them a taste. But by the time we had decided to make Arbikie a potato vodka, I knew to expect something more flavoursome.

Using potatoes is a more expensive process, requiring more potatoes than grain for the distilling process. It also creates a completely different taste. We were also using whisky distilling techniques, which would also add to the quality of the spirit.

So as you can imagine, a lot was riding on the taste.

All I can say is that it was awesome. We had achieved a creamy, slightly sweet and velvety spirit full of flavours.

Iain Stirling on Friends of Arbikie

Now that we are producing vodka, I am enjoying introducing my friends and networks to Arbikie. Our aim is to establish a Friends of Arbikie community, which is simply about tasting and sharing our products. Eventually, we’ll organise and attend events for everyone to enjoy the Arbikie experience.

What’s nice about the reaction so far is that everyone feels a part of something new. In many ways we are still at the start of our venture and it’s very rewarding to find so many people who are as excited about what we are doing.

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