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It’s all about the tonic.

We have chosen three very different tonics to pair with our ‘Kirsty’s Gin’.  Of course when you try them you will notice how different each serve tastes.  The beauty of gin is you can drink it many different ways; the trick is to find your way!

In our first instalment we review BTW Tonic.

 A G&T is a classic and one of the most popular drinks ordered in bars across the world. Matching your gin with the right tonic is crucial when creating this traditional British cocktail. The tonic is 3/4 of the drink so its important to select a tonic, which compliments the botanicals and flavours found in your gin.

Kirsty’s Gin has a traditional juniper base using three Scottish botanicals: Kelp, Carline Thistle and Blaeberrys.  As a farm to bottle distillery and the first Scottish distillery to distil its own gin from scratch without using a grain neutral spirit we place provenance and traceability of ingredients at the heart of everything we do.  Kirsty’s Gin is best enjoyed with a light or neutral tonic that brings out the botanicals in the Gin. Avoid strong tonics, which will over power the gin, as you will end up tasting the tonic only.

BTW Tonic

Arbikie BTW Pic 1

BTW stands for Bermondsey Tonic Water and is based in South East London. BTW is a small batch artisan tonic water producer.  The main ingredient in tonic is called Quinine, the majority of tonic producers use a chemically extracted Quinine that can sometimes result in an overpowering bitter-sweetness that dries out the back of your mouth. BTW is different. It has no additives, flavourings or extracts and uses natural Quinine from the Cinchona Bark which gives BTW its golden hue.

Find out more here:

Arbikie BTW pic 2

Garnish: Blueberries and lemon twist

Tasting notes: The delicate botanicals in ‘Kirsty’s Gin’ work in perfect harmony with BTW’s natural quinine flavours. The result is a smooth, crisp, refreshing G&T, which has great balance of flavours. By adding a twist of lemon, this will give your G&T an amazing aroma before you take your first sip and will help bring out the citrus notes.